“Hayantar” closely cooperates with a number of local and international organizations, as well as with state organizations.

Cooperation with NGO-s is mainly in the field of legislative reforms, illegal logging control, forest rehabilitation and reforestation activities and exchange of information.

cooperation-engIn the context of degradation of forest resources in the country, the importance of cooperation with international donor organization is highlighted.  Thus, within the previous years nursery development, afforestation and reforestation, as well as community forest management activities were implemented with the support of the following organizations – The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (UN FAO), German Federal Environment Ministry (BMU), German Development Bank (KFW), Global Ecological Fund (GEF), Norwegian Forest Group (NFG), Regional Environmental Centre for the Caucasus(REC Caucasus), Foundation for Forest Rehabilitation and Development , etc.

“Hayantar” is a member of CIS Timber Industry Complex and Inter-governmental Forestry Council. In 2010 Martun Matevosyan, Director of “Hayantar” SNCO, was appointed deputy chairman of the abovementioned Council.

A number of trainings were held in “Zikatar” training center of “Forestry Scientific-Experimental Center” SNCO on forestry development issues for the employees of “Hayantar.”

Students of Ijevan Branch of Armenian State Agrarian University, as well as of other universities pass their internships in “Hayantar” forestry branches.

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