Department Activities

  • Design present, annual and future Forestry management development plans,
  • Prepare economic development and funding plans, develop work plans for forestry branches as well as production and subsistence companies, and control the volume of forestry activities expressed in AMD, 
  • Fund forest management activities, develop financial plans and balance sheets and control their further implementation,
  • Conduct financial activity analyses and assessment of the system jointly with the accounting department of  “Hayantar” SNCO,
  • Develop and introduce new management methods,
  • Develop cost accountings of Forest management plans and ensure their cost adjustments,
  • Set norms for forest management and other production activities, determine employees’ salary rates and payment conditions, their official (tariff) rate scales, and administer their application,
  • Develop and perform activities for labour productivity improvement, cost reduction, profitability increase, elimination of irrelevant costs and losses to  improve the efficiency of forest management activities,
  • Prepare timely and quality state statisticall and operational reports on project implementation, activities, costs, revenues and other indicators of financial operations,
  • Calculate the volume of allotments to “Hayantar” SNCO centralized funds from the funds of  its branches, draw expenditure estimation plans of the aforementioned funds and  control their management, 
  • Develop payment methods for the employees of the “Forestry” branches and organizations, improve  terms and methods of encouragement, control the accuracy of payments of  bonuses and additional payments,
  • Arrange payment of expenses of “Hayantar” SNCO headquarters, prepare the list of employees, develop and implement methods of payment to employees,
  • Relevant methodological assistance to the Forestry branches; organize and supervise their operations,
  • Perform other assignments issued by the director of “Hayantar” SNCO and the deputy director coordinating the relevant area.

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