• Planning of reforestation, care, sanitary and other types of logging, and implementation control,
  • Organize meetings on reforestation, order projects and accept project proposals, monitor the implementation of the aforementioned projects by the departments and branches of Forestry Head Office, 
  • Annual logging area stock accounting, based on the forestry plans, and submission for approval,
  • Distribute responsibilities for the construction and renovation of the roads of forestry importance among the Forestry branches; accept and summarize the  reports,
  • Logging area examination and logging control,
  • Control over the selection, provision and operation of wood cutting areas, residue timber accounting, logging, timber delivery, sanitary logging as well as performance of other forest management regulations in compliance with Forestry plans.
  • Supervise general timber volume assessment and particularly merchantable timber volume assessment activities during the logging area allocation process.
  • Efficient use of forests, improvement of sanitary logging operations, timely detection of logging infringements and violations of timber release regulations, development of  activities to eliminate the aforementioned violations, ensure maximum output of merchantable timber, prevent the cases of converting merchantable timber into fuel-wood, as well as ensure efficient timber processing,
  • Legality control of the timber delivered from the logging areas, 
  • Control for the maximum level of preservation of the young trees in logging areas;
  • Synchronization of the projects of allocation of facilities affecting the condition and regeneration of the forests; 
  • Permission issuance for the performance of activities not related to forest management and forest use within the forestland area.
  • Control the conservation and efficient use of the National Forest Lands, provide lands for temporary use and prepare land issuance and acceptance documentation.
  • Terminate and limit forest use licences in the manner prescribed by the Forest Law of the Republic of Armenia, implement forest management projects in compliance with the sanitary logging volume calculations and distribution plan.
  • Control non-timber forest use procedure;
  • Provide Forestry branches with logging tickets, orders, timber release permits, documents for the use of side products, other documents and report templates, legislative and normative acts. 
  • Oversee the construction and repair of forest roads, as well as the efficient use of the roads and of funds.
  • Perform other assignments issued by the director of “Hayantar” SNCO and the deputy director coordinating the relevant area.

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