Department Activities

1. Forest Conservation activities

  • Ensure the protection of the state forest fund of the Republic of Armenia from unauthorized occupations, illegal logging, grazing, littering and other illegal activities that harm the forest biodiversity, and prevent infringements of forest code.
  • Detect, extinguish and prevent forest fires, hold offenders of fire safety rules accountable in the manner defined by the law.
  • Ensure the performance of integrated forest fire prevention activities; coordinate the use of the equipment and machinery, as well as the involvement of the local population in the fire extinguishing activities, jointly with the local self-government bodies.
  • Oversee the conservation, as well as the efficient and effective use of the state forest land.
  • Organize routine spring and fall inspections, as well as uncontemplated inspections of Forester range to ensure the control over forest conservation and protection. Inspection results shall be summarized and discussed in the prescribed manner.
  • Control and prevent illegal grazing and hay-harvesting in the forest lands.
  • Register the timber confiscated from forest law violators and control the timber movement.
  • Organize, coordinate and supervise activities of forest guards and rangers, and provide trainings for them.

2. Forest Protection/Control Activities

  • Implementation of preventive measures against hazardous organism in the forest lands, plantations and nurseries; forest phyto-sanitary condition improvement measures.
  • Pest and disease control measures; over-ground and aerial chemical methods of control against pest hotbeds are planned and organized based on the outcomes of regularly conducted forest pathological researches.

3. Wildlife Conservation Activities

  • Ensure the enforcement of RA Law in the state forest land and adjoining areas regarding conservation, protection, reproduction and use of wild animal species.
  • Implement activities for the maintenance of integrity of fauna, living environment, migration paths, populations and coexistences.
  • Organization and coordination of integrated biotechnical measures to promote the reproduction of the unique, endangered, valuable species.
  • Stocktaking, analyses and condition evaluation of wild animals and birds. Forestry branch employees, State Forest Guard Crew, hunting experts, hunting inspectors and public inspectors shall be involved in the aforementioned activities.
  • Efficient control over the violators of hunting regulations and terms, as well as illegal fishing. Relevant report shall be prepared against the violators; violators are accordingly reported and prosecuted to cover the damage caused to the state hunting fund and fish resources.
  • Take measures to regulate the number of predators, in case the number grows, bringing it to the acceptable density level, as well as implement control measures against flocks of dogs wandering in the hunting grounds.
  • Perform the accounting and maintenance of military, working weapon of the State Forest guard crew, as well as accounting of the weapon and other hunting and fishing equipment confiscated from poachers, in the manner prescribed by the law.
  • Oversee and coordinate activities of the rangers and public hunting inspectorate.

4. Perform other tasks issued by the director of “Hayantar” SNCO and the deputy director coordinating the relevant area.

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