Department exercises control over

  • Performance of the orders issued by the director of “Hayantar” SNCO, as well as the departments and branches of “Hayantar” SNCO,
  • Submission of reports received from the branches of “Hayantar” SNCO, validity of the data submitted, proper review and submission of the reports submitted by “Hayantar” SNCO branches,
  • Forest conservation, protection, reforestation and afforestation, forest management, production and subsistence farming, marketing and commerce, financial management, logistics and accounting,
  • Observance of logging regulations, timber harvesting and marketing, forest seed harvesting, processing and maintenance, growing of planting stock as well as other forest management activities,
  • Prevent illegal timber haulage on highways and forest-adjacent roads, and keep accounting of timber movement by the types of timber,
  • Quality of forest management activities,
  • Perform other assignments issued by the director of “Hayantar” SNCO and the deputy director coordinating the relevant area.

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