• Draft legal and methodological documents on statutory functions of “Hayantal” SNCO upon the request of  the Director of “Hayantar” SNCO,
  • Issue opinions and recommendations on draft documents developed by other subdivisions or submitted to “Hayantar” SNCO upon the request of the Director of “Hayantar” SNCO,
  • Prepare draft contracts on the functions of “Hayantar” SNCO, related to the provisions of the departments, based on professional recommendations submitted by the relevant departments,
  • Prepare and submit claims to the courts based on the petitions and reports submitted by “Hayantar” SNCO departments and branches, upon the request of the the director or deputy director of “Hayantar” SNCO, act as a “Hayantar” SNCO representative of the plaintiff and defendant,
  • Perform other assignments issued by the director of “Hayantar” SNCO and the deputy director coordinating the relevant area.

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